Learn to book hotels

Welcome our Dear Customer, to one of the important and distinctive features of BookingCW website Hotel Reservations all over the world.


Here in our website we provide features which can help our customers avoid any of the problems they may face through hotel reservations free sites. We also provide solutions in our website for the following problems: A feature to see the location surrounding the hotel or its surrounding rooms and places with the default roaming feature. After you have chosen the city in which you want to see one of the hotels, choose the place, display the map, then pull the mark above and place it on the place you want to see in reality.


In order to ensure that we have chosen a proper place for your residence, we made all prices after the search to appear including the service and tax. You can press on the calculator mark in the image after searching so that the system will display for you the amount conversion factor for your stay in different currencies.


Click on the “reservation cancelling conditions” so that you know the conditions for cancelling your reservation and read them carefully and be aware of the allowed period for cancellation.


After clicking on the word “reservation” you must make sure that you have logged into your account from the user step by entering the email and password that you entered at the time of registration. If you encounter any problems during logging into your account, you can contact customer service through the communication methods available on the site. Now you have to write the names of the individuals of the residence and then choose a currency to pay the reservation from the available currencies.


After completing the reservation, the document for your reservation will appear fully paid and what remains for you is a happy stay.

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