About us
Bookingcw is a B2B/B2C travel portal that allows travel agents and travelers to book all hotels worldwide in real time. Backed by cutting edge technology and superior customer support.
We are your one-stop shop for all holiday booking requirements.
Why choose us?
- All hotels are booked in real time and vouchers are issued online
- Innovation tools that allow your staff to service your customers better and faster
- Ability to quote rates in the currency of your choice with support for all regional currencies
- Ability to create staff logins
- All accounting documents generated online
- All invoices and credit notes are generated online
- No cancellation fee on bookings canceled before cancellation deadlines
- Credit card Payment Gateway
Direct chat here m.me/Bookingcw
Common Questions & Answers
Which products can I find on Bookingcw?
You can book anything you require for your trip, starting from airline tickets, hotels, transfers, rental cars, visas, sightseeing, tours and concierge services.
Is Bookingcw a Global website?
Yes. You can find Bookingcw in www.ejuniper.com << Select, ‘Clients’ << Filter by country and select Germany.
Password requirements
You must enter at least 8 characters, including 1 capital letter, 1 number and 1 symbol.
Why am I receiving an error while creating my registration?
Review all sections with mark (*) again and if the error is repeated please contact customer support.
I finished my registration but I can't login and error ‘incorrect details’ appears.
Review your password again and make sure to write the same user email you entered when you registered.
What happens after completing my registration?
You should receive a confirmation email from the website, that you have successfully completed your registration.
I did not receive a registration email.
Refresh your email and contact our customer service team to confirm you completed all the required registration steps.
I tried to login to my account, but states my user does not exist.
Confirm that you are logging in from the user access page, not the agency page. You would receive an activation email after you successfully completing your registration.
I forgot my password, what now?
Click on retrieve your password and enter your registration email, then you will receive a link for creating a new password.
I can't find the hotel I want to book?
When searching for hotels, first select:
1. City Name
2. Dates
3. Rooms
4. Nationality
Then press search and await results to appear.
I tried to complete my booking, yet I received an error while proceeding the payment?
Firstly, you would find your booking saved under ‘my quotations,’ you can then proceed with the payment again. If the payment has been deducted the first time, contact our customer support team to assist you and reconfirm your booking.
Is my booking code the same confirmation number for my hotel?
No, your booking code is an internal code for your account. Your confirmation code is located on your voucher, you should always present this voucher at your hotels reception.
I need to cancel my booking.
Please check your cancellation policy first, if cancellation is free you could cancel your booking and receive a refund through the same method which you paid with. If the booking is non-refundable, please contact our operations team to assist you with the refund under the hotels policies.
What should I do if I have issues with my confirmation at the airport or the hotel?

Please contact our emergency team, through our WhatsApp icon on our website. Which would directly contact you with our team.